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We offer a range of services to make your onboarding experience a smooth one

Onboarding Manager

Your onboarding manager knows everything that is needed to get your fund up and running and will be able to draw a road map to go live including the testing phase.

Experienced Team

Our team is very experienced in the setup and launch of new funds and can help you with jurisdiction choice, structuring and reviewing your fund offering documents.

Service Providers

We have an extensive range of contacts and can help you connect with appropriate service providers ranging from custodians, bankers, legal, tax to brokers and prime brokers.

Fund-loving, Highly Skilled Administrators


An HFS partner will be your account manager and primary contact on a daily basis. Each partner is supported by a highly-skilled team backed up by the use of market-leading fund reporting IT systems.

HFS Partners have decades of experience varying from traditional asset classes such as equities, credit, real-estate, OTC products to alternative investment structures including digital assets. We are always available for a face to face meeting in our London office to discuss your requirements and the solutions appropriate to your business.

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